Graduate Entry

For graduates who

- Study towards Final year in undergraduate or Master in the UK

- Plan to register your startup company in the UK

- have a business plan that focuses on innovation, viability, and scalability


-The business is likely to receive an endorsement letter from one of the UK trusted body* that endorses it as a viable business with genuine potential to grow.

- The business is seeking both investment and business skills from potential investors for growth.

- The business has growth plans that include growth in customer numbers, revenue or headcount, or applying for intellectual property protection.


1ST Prize: £1,000

2ND Prize: £650


1ST  Prize: £2,000

2ND Prize: £1,350

And More...

Bespoke Investment Package

The first four teams from either category (SME and Graduate) will be provided with a complimentary investment service for six months. 

  • During this period, each team will be introduced to at least one Chinese investor from our large pool of talented, well-heeled investors from China, based on the different circumstances of each business in terms of their specific needs.  

  • Our investors will not only provide the necessary funding, but they will also actively contribute to the teams their own expertise and network related to the Chinese market.  These soft skills will be of particular significance for those teams that have an existing or future China focus.

​Please download the application below based on your entries, and send back the completed form to before 31st July 2019.

Graduate Entry Application Form

SME Entry Application Form